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On September 11, 2001 the world was rocked and many people were left with unanswered questions. I was one of those people. As I looked at the tragedy of lives lost and so many others changed, I couldn’t help but utter a prayer asking for clarity, but as is the case with many of us, I still do not understand. I do think it is noteworthy that Our Journey of Healing began on September 11, 2020, nineteen years to the date when so many of us started an intense inner search.

As I look back over this month on the road, pushing through mile after mile and thought after thought, I find it interesting to watch the journey unfold and evolve. As I meet with people along the way and sit in deep conversation, it seems we are coming to an understanding that life really is about the journey. It is not about news events or devastation but about how we allow ourselves to be perfect in the midst of imperfection. In life there will be loss, there will be sorrow and illness. Rulers will make decisions that affect our lives. Crimes will be committed. These are the givens. We cannot change the things that happen in our past, nor should we if we could. We learn and grow from all those experiences. We are a different person with each new day. The beauty of this is that we have a choice in how we use each day. We can spend it looking back and regurgitating all the hard lessons, keeping the energy alive inside us if we choose to do so. We also have the option to move forward from that place and create a day full of adventure, joy, peace and love. As I watch the miles tick on the odometer and the scenery change with each one, it reminds me that I am leaving what was and moving into the now moment This is the same with life. The now moment is the one that has our attention and if we focus on what we are looking at, not what is in the rearview mirror, we get the full benefit of the beauty of it. I have had 5000 of those now moments and so much beauty that fills my heart with joy.

One of the “instructions” that was given by spirit about this Peace On Earth Tour involves speaking a blessing for the land in different parts of the country. These are called Land Blessings. In the ritual, a crystal is placed in the ground returning it to Mother Earth while the angels and masters who are guiding the process say a blessing to activate the energy of the stone. There have been five so far and each blessing has been different, each one having its own flavor of energetic clearing. With each one that is done, a local rock is taken to be placed alongside the next one to connect the energies of the two areas. This acts as a stream of light between the states and all areas in between. We are literally lighting a grid across America by doing this. Another part of the blessing is to honor the Earth in the Native American tradition of offerings. As in the tradition of our ancestors who lived on this ground, we are offering tobacco. Tobacco is used in the offering of prayer to the Creator, acting as a medium for communication. It is either offered to the fire, so the smoke can lift the prayers to the Creator, or it is set on the ground in a nice, clean place. It means we come humbly to our Creator. We proclaim our innocence. When you want to speak to the Creator, we are told to make an offering of the tobacco plant. Therefore, in honoring Mother Earth a small offering is being made at each land blessing.

When the crystal and accompanying stones are covered with soil, a small American flag is being left at the spot as we are connecting the grid throughout the country before venturing beyond this land and going forward into other countries. These land blessings have all contained signs from the angels that it is the location to do the ritual. Those things that have stood out are the presence of a peace symbol, hearts, children and animals. These are all significant in what is being done. This is for healing of our land, all the inhabitants including human, animal, plant and water. Love is the energy that heals, thus hearts have been present to represent this energy. Peace on earth is our ultimate goal and with each land blessing, that energy feels stronger.

Our journey is made even more special by the people who are gathering along the way to participate and those joining in virtually. The energy of laughter raises the vibration quicker than anything else. Everyone who has hosted me by giving shelter, food, companionship has contributed to the raised frequency of the planet by sharing laughter. There have been deep laughs as well as tears of joy. There has been healing with each encounter. My heart could not be more full than it is now as I fulfil my mission here on Earth with all you beautiful souls, leading us along the path under the direction of the angels on Our Journey of Healing.

Namaste Y'all

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