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Day 9 Of My 10-Day Challenge - Endings and Beginnings

"Endings and beginnings are merely paired facets of an imagined stone curtain, behind which a plethora of opportunities await.” ― Ged Thompson

November 30, 2019 ~ Day 9

I find it so appropriate that day nine falls on the last day of the month as in numerology the number nine is the number of completion and fulfillment. We are completing this month. Gone. Done. Adios! As with any ending there is a new beginning. I have ended many things in the past nine days, letting go of habits and patterns that no longer served me and brought up what’s left inside now for reexamination to see if there is more to be purged, and I’m sure there is but all in due time.

Life is so full of dichotomies. It’s a constant cycle of birth, death, rebirth. Today I learned of the passing of a dear friend who was instrumental in leading me to the right people to help me earlier this year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Connecting people was only one of her superpowers. Shining love out into the world was her biggest power. You will be missed my friend by so many of us whose lives you touched. It made me pause and think of what I would be remembered for. Did I help someone along the way at a crucial time in their life? Did I shine a light for others to see? These are the reflections we do when we lose someone suddenly. One of her last posts was “When will we learn that we are all in this together? Time on this side of earth is limited, so why not just LOVE?” Yes, Stephanie, I hear you loud and clear and totally agree!

Every time I hear someone complain about their life I think lovingly about my ex-husband’s grandfather. Grandpa Miller was a master at playing Pinochle. He was always the one to beat and reveled in holding that position. If ever someone complained about their cards he stated reverently and emphatically, “Well, son, that’s the hand you were dealt. When you learn to play well with those cards, then you can have better.” Nobody dared argue with this wise man who was not just commenting on a card hand but making a huge statement about life. We are so quick to look at what we don’t have instead of playing well with what we do have.

The people who have wandered in and out of my life are a huge part of who I am. Their words and actions have made me look at my own life, my values, my priorities. It has helped me be more compassionate and caring, and how to lovingly make a point. I love you all and am proud to call each and every one of you friend. A friend is someone who shares common interests with you and who also exposes you to new things. Basically, a friend is someone that makes your life a little better and sometimes a whole lot better! Thanks friends! #YesIcan #YesIam


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