October Musings 3

October 3, 2016

Journal entry October 3, 2016



We weather many storms in our lifetimes and mine has surely been tossed about by many.  I give thanks today for the calmness in my life, the peace that comes from inside and radiates outward.  I am grateful that I can stand steady among the bashing of winds and waves of negativity.  I hold my focus on a higher vibration.  I give thanks for all my experiences, my trials and my joys.  I love you!


The vision of a lighthouse enters my mind when I think of being a lightworker.  It's the same concept - standing still and unwavering no matter the strength of the storm.  Sometimes the energies make it a difficult task to stay in high vibration just as an ocean storm can create havoc for the lighthouse.  The lighthouse has one job to do -- stand firm and shine its light out to show the way to anyone who needs guidance.  And there you have it -- that's also what we do as lightworkers.  Namaste