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Make-a-Difference Day

Let's have a make-a-difference day. Today, I pray for ___________. Today, I will consciously make an effort to smile at ____________. Today, I will call _____________ just to say hello and see how he/she is doing. Today, I will _______________________.

When we set out to consciously do something positive and uplifting, something inside of us shifts. I have a new favorite chant that is uplifting just by the sound of it but when I listen to it and chant along with it for even five minutes, I find my thoughts are more positive, I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and good things start happening in my life! This is with conscious intent. The chant found me. I didn't go specifically searching for something but there it was and the moment I heard its sound, I knew I had to sing along. Does any of the above appeal to you that way? Are you drawn to make a difference in someone's life today and in doing so, make a difference in your own life?

It is usually when we are at our lowest vibrational energy that we are looking for a life jacket, not realizing that the life jacket comes in unexpected ways. By reaching out, not for something to hold onto but for something to give to others, we are indeed pulling ourselves up from the mire. Hugz~Love

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