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Who's On Your Boat?

Sometimes in life when you are facing tough times, when you are not sure which way to turn at a crossroad or when you just need to feel that someone else understands, you are not looking for anyone to "save" you but just looking for acknowledgement that you matter. We are all so busy fighting our own demons and dragons, thinking the world has ended and we are the only ones aware of it, trying to make sense of things that one cannot make sense of that we forget about those around us who are in the same boat as us. We only see the muddy water with no reflection of the sunshine. We cannot hear the chiming of the church bells because we have enclosed ourselves in a cave of worry and fear.

Have you ever watched a video of the traffic on the Autobahn? Sometimes life seems like this when you feel overwhelmed. Either keep up or get run over, right? This is when you need to hit the pause button. Just take a moment for yourself to breathe, to process what is important in a world that tries to convince you what holds the most importance. Just stop and think for yourself. Take time to go over priorities and decisions that you have made or need to make. See what fits. What can you not do anything about at this moment -- that goes on the bottom. What can you do something about right now -- that goes on top. Everything else in somewhere in between. By organizing the chaos, you now have a starting point and can begin to raise your head out of the murky water. It is in taking your own power back that you can then look around at who is riding with you on your boat. It is not up to you to "save" them but rather to throw them the life jacket of a kind word, a hand on the shoulder, a hug, just letting them know you care. Hugz~Love

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