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Real Armor

When I feel weak and vulnerable, there is a part of me that wants to curl up in a ball much like my cat does and just lay there until the feeling passes. It does not happen much these days but occasionally I find myself questioning choices and having momentary lapses of memory of who, what and why I am. I use several methods of armor in my daily life from the moment I awaken each day. The first of these is gratitude. Yes, gratitude is an armor. It protects us from attacks of negativity and lifts our spirit up. As soon as I open my eyes each day, I give gratitude for still being alive to experience another day and for the opportunity to share my light. The more gratitude I show during the day, the more armor I am putting on against negative energy attacks.

Weakness happens when we allow the lower vibrational energy to overtake us. When we listen and follow our intuition (gut instinct, inner guidance), we can stand stronger against the darkness of the lower vibration. We can allow our light to shine so that we see things more clearly, we can look at the path to see where the crossroad is and then listen for guidance on which way to proceed. You may think that saying, “no, I’ll do it my way instead” is a sign of strength but it’s not. We all need that inner GPS system or we may find ourselves running around in circles or getting on a dead-end path.

So when you find yourself curled up in a ball and not wanting to face the world anymore, unwind yourself, take a long deep breath and stretch your limits. Ask for guidance, listen for the still, small voice and then follow the path that will get you going in the right direction. Hugz~Love

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