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Real Joy

Joy -- it's not something you can place your finger on or hold in your hand but you do know that you have it when it is there. You can even measure how much of it you have. Joy does not always present itself as happiness, which is different altogether. Joy is more of a state of being whereas happiness is a feeling. Does happiness affect your joy? You betcha! Can you be joyful without feeling the happiness? You betcha!

A lot of people think of their life in terms of the ups and downs, the contrast that is constantly happening. First you are on top of the mountain and then a strong wind comes along and BAM, you are taken tumbling down to the bottom. This yoyo can go on your whole lifetime -- if you let it. You are the one in control of the string. Once you realize that, you never have to leave that mountaintop. Let the gust of wind blow. Let the trials and tribulations come at you. As the song goes, "hit me with your best shot." Those punches do not affect your joy unless you choose to let it. You can have this joyful existence that you choose to have but it doesn't just disappear when there are bad days or disappointments or illnesses or whatever your demon is. The secret is in staying steady. Think of a railroad track. If you stand in the middle of the tracks and look ahead, do you always see 2 rails or do you eventually see only one? Joy stays with you once you decide that is what you want. All else just comes and goes. You choose which one you want to be the dominant rail in your life. Do you choose joy or do you choose the negatives, the contrasts, that come along in life? I love you! Hugz~Love

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