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Real Problems, Real Solutions

When you go through your list of things you are grateful for, does it include cloudy days? Many of us are thankful for the sunshiny, happy days of our life but we look at cloudy or even rainy days in a different way. Why? Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining. The clouds do not make it disappear, just kind of put it on hold for a bit for a particular time. Sometimes we may exist in a bright sunshiny day but things going on inside of us create clouds where we cannot see the brightness of the sun. This seems to happen around this time of the year for many folks. Dreading the holidays coming because of being alone or not having the money to celebrate or perhaps the memories from past celebrations with people no longer in our lives causes this melancholy. Trust me, I understand. For years I did not decorate, was spewing “bah humbug” at the radio for daring to play upbeat holiday music and avoided shopping malls like the plague.

The holidays can be overwhelming but when you get in touch with your feelings about this and bring them out into the light, out from behind that stormy cloud, you can then examine them more clearly. When you get overwhelmed, not just by the holidays but by anything, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Take time for yourself to just be – no pressures, no obligations, just be alone.

  2. Write out a list of the things that are overwhelming you, causing you to isolate.

  3. Go through this list and decide what things you can and cannot do anything about.

  4. Prioritize. What has to be done versus what can wait.

  5. Make an action plan and take one step at a time to put it in place.

In doing this simple exercise, you have taken back your power. There is no longer a multitude of screaming voices inside your head making demands. Now, go outside and enjoy the sunshine – even through the clouds! Hugz~Love

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