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Real Manifestations

My life has this wicked sense of humor at times. I am sitting at my computer laughing out loud and my two cats are, of course, looking at me like I have totally lost my mind because there's no one else around and nothing is making noise in the apartment except me. One of my mentors says "laughter raises the vibration" and this is so very true.

I have started and re-started a book called "E-Squared" about three times now. Every time, I make it a little further with the experiments. I was going into it with a better state of mind this time and everything was falling into place. As soon as I put my intention out, whatever I needed to see or hear just appeared like magic. Thus, I flew through the first three experiments at lightning speed. The fourth experiment calls for manifesting something -- anything -- just name it and wait for it. Okay, I said, I want a hundred dollar bill to appear within 48 hours! Now, in choosing this particular manifestation, I knew I was not expecting any money to be given to me from any source especially in that timeframe so it would indeed have to be a manifestation and not something that I knew was coming. So, I'm on Twit

ter reading through my posts and guess what appears and almost jumped off the page at me? Yep, sure enough there was a post about a book, the title of which is "Hundred Dollar Bill." I can't make this stuff up!! Thus, here I am, laughing out loud at how Spirit works in my life to show me I am listened to! I'm not sure they appreciated the eye roll I did but you know, they know that quirkiness about me!

When we get real with our intentions, our motives, our talk and our walk, Spirit gets real back with us. I suppose I could have been more specific instead of just the generic "hundred dollar bill" that I wanted to manifest, but then I would not have had the laughter and sense of awe that I ended up with tonight. This was more special because it is definitely not something I will forget anytime soon! Hugz~Love

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