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Real Love

Real love is when your friends surround you and pull you up out of the lower vibrational energies, wipe the tears from your face and allow you to vent for hours. It just doesn't get any more real than that. A friend will tell you to get it out, whatever "it" is, whether it is sadness, rage, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, despair. When you are in the midst of these swirling emotions, you cannot see beyond the darkness. You cannot see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel or if you do see one, you are envisioning that it's the headlight of a train. Sometimes life hands us serious blows. I know because I've been there done that and then did it again and bought the shirt to prove it! Some people are not lucky enough to have the type of friends that I have been blessed with. You know those people who tell you, "Girl, get up and put on your shoes. You're going for a drink!" This type of friend doesn't care if your eyes are red from crying or if you sit across from them crying in your beer in a public place. That's a real friend. They let you vent then they hit you with a dose of reality. It goes something like, "What do YOU want?" They ask the important questions that make you think -- like, "What is your fear?" even when you don't know you're afraid. You thought you were just hurt or angry. They dig inside of you with a precisely aimed shovel and dig through all the shit until they find the nugget of gold and then they hand it to you.

When you decide to get real with yourself, your whole life changes. "You can't stand still and you can't go back." Abraham uses that line but then so did the Grateful Dead. Hmmm, I find that very interesting. Whether you're a Deadhead or an Aber, it doesn't matter because it's still a pretty good line. Once you know, once you're real and past all the BS, there is no going back into that way of thinking, being and reacting. So, do you prefer the real love of honest, caring, nurturing friends or the fake ones who are only concerned about themselves? Yep, it's a tough month with tough lessons to be learned if we're going to get real, but you know what they say about tough (strong) people --- Hugz~Love Namaste

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