On Friday May 27th I experienced my first T.I.M.E. healing.... Oh my goodnessss....

The whole experience was surreal and enlightening... Not what I expected.... 

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! It as an experience for sure!  Michi

What a remarkable experience. It took a few minutes to focus and once I did it was amazing.

I felt myself surrounded in a bubble of white light. My heart was racing. My entire body felt heavy as I continued to focus. It was like I couldn't move. I started to get a tingling sensation in my hands and feet. I was focused on healing of my knee and swollen ankles. I felt like the healing took place in my throat and ears however as my ears started to ring and my throat was numb. The heavy feeling started to lift and my racing heart calmed down. Shortly after I received your text the healing was complete. --- Gail


Tysm ...wowww...I could feel the healers touching me...my bottom legs ..starting from knees to feet (included ) were tingling and at the same time were cold. .i felt the pain being lifted away...while sending love & light to the Universe I felt so peaceful and filled with it 2...this fibromyalgia has me in pain for quite a bit...tks it feels great...ty healers. .angels...--- Joanne


I know I felt it. my solar plexus area is where my problem was and I prayed earlier today for a miraculous healing. I felt it in the throat chakra too. I was told to place my left hand over my heart and my right hand over the obsidian on my stomach to the left which I did. I felt every bit of it and at the end I saw like a puff of clouds with streams of endless white and gold light pouring in. I actually prayed for this today and received. So blessed.. so blessed. Thank you --- Rosanne


While I have experienced Reiki in person, during a massage etc., I had no idea how it could work long distance. When we compared experiences after our (TIME) session, it was amazing to find out that I was experiencing the same type of sensations as I would in person. While we have known each other for years, our new connection is truly amazing. I have grown so much and learned so much about myself. Over the years, I’m coming to realize, I have had “messengers” share their knowledge of meditation, crystals, card and astrology readings etc. I can now put this all together and continue my beautiful journey while here this time. --- Karen E.


I received healing from Teri Miller for 5 days and I totally loved it. I suffer from depression on and off; and I was starting again. She cleared my chakras and told me what I had to work on. Meditating with Teri felt very peaceful. On one of the healings, I was able to see clearer and in the others I received insight in how to nourish my body. There was this herb I been wanting to take for the longest but I had completely forgotten about it, till in meditation, I remembered. The last day, my meditation was so beautiful, I saw purple flashes. When Teri, wrote to me, on the last day of the meditation, she said, "I hope you saw the purple flashes". I was so excited because I did. From there on, my depression has been lifted. It's been 5 days since the meditation, and I no longer feel the need to stay in bed and feel depressed. I do feel motivated to take a hold of my life. I am truly blessed, to have received healing from you Teri. Thank you so much for thus opportunity. Love and Light, --- Ana B.


Hi Guys, I just wanted to share my TIME experience with you. I was gifted a session from the selection Teri does on her Angel Page and WOW - WOW was my initial response. It was breath-taking and mind blowing all at once. The whole time I was receiving I felt so at peace and had no inclination to move (hard for someone who finds doing nothing difficult). Since receiving the healing my depression, which I was struggling with has been so much better, my psychic awareness has increased and I have so much more energy and clarity!!!!!! For anyone sitting on the fence; do It. Its unbelievable and so soothing, I keep calling it back in anytime I am laying down still <3 Thank you Teri again xx  --- Helen C



I had a free time healing session with Teri last week it was a profound experience the energies were so loving and gentle... It was like being wrapped in a silk love blanket of divine blessings... Her insights into my life and spiritual practices was very much on point and much needed as a blessing of reassurance in a time of need...

If you're not in her drawing then GET IN on that... And if you have the means consider purchasing a session from that glorious light and bless her as she blesses the world with this wonderful gift.

Namaste my friends.... Stay true to the light --- Jason W

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