What does it mean to release? Well, first let's look at what is happening because if you are going to release "something" then there has to be something to release! Release is a verb, so it calls for action. In the Release session, you will identify what it is that is confining you -- what is holding you back from having freedom of movement in your spiritual progress. The act of releasing means that you are being set free from the confinement of something. You can identify what your bonds or obstacles are on your own (if you already know) or we can explore them together and I can help you understand where you are blocked. Then we can start the process of setting you free.

In a Release session, your aura will be scanned and cleared of anything negative so that you can have a clear working field and the energy can move unencumbered. You will also have the chakras scanned and if there are blocks, these will be identified and may help you in understanding where your bonds are. I can send in healing energy with the help of the angels, Ascended Masters and my spirit guides, the Healers. This is not as in-depth as a TIME healing but is a necessary process to help you identify your blocks.

Then the nitty gritty work begins. This is where you come in. Once you decide what it is you need to release, you will be given the tools to deal with each issue. My role will be to hold a positive energy field (with the aid of the angles and guides) for you while you do the work to break through the bonds.

Once you work on all the issues, situations, or problems that you want to during the session, we move on to setting some goals of what you want to bring into your life.

To wrap it up, I will do another quick scan of the aura and chakras to see if there is a change in the energy, and see if there are any messages that Spirit has for you.


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