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Ready to Awaken your Kundalini Energy? 

Safely activate the evolutionary energy at the base of your spine to access unlimited bliss consciousness.

Open your heart and third eye, align your inner energy with the energy of the universe, and become more intuitive, fearless, peaceful, and protected.

Live in your heart in bliss and evolve into a more beautiful, radiant soul while being fully engaged in the world.


Have you tasted this bliss of inner awakening... but were unable to sustain it?


You have the power within you to activate your heart chakra and create a golden sheath around your body that protects you from negative or harmful energies from the world...


And master an ancient breathing technique that allows you to tap into the pranic energy field around you to bring more joy, vibrancy, and peace into your life.


The key is your Kundalini. It’s a word enveloped in mystery, mythology, and misconceptions.

Ready to Awaken Your Kundalini Energy and Beyond? 

This energy is said to enter us at birth and remain latent until ignited. Once awakened, the vital energy of Kundalini begins flowing up your spine like lava from an oozing volcano, flooding your body, mind, and spirit with the divine love-energy of the universe, immersing you in bliss and enabling you to access a more boundless field of love.


The Kundalini energy is often depicted as a serpent, coiled three-and-a-half times around, resting at the base of the spine, with the serpent representing the journey of the mind from matter to cosmos, from human consciousness to cosmic consciousness.


Kundalini can be awakened in many ways — as a gift from a guru to a disciple who is prepared to receive it, or through ecstatic dance, devotional chanting, the use of sacred mantras, rhythmic breathing and movement, or a variety of other techniques and practices.


Fully awaken the energy vortex of Kundalini, and through the gateway of the spinal cord you can access the ever-new, ever-existing, superconscious bliss state.


Kundalini is not just an energy; it’s a map of your consciousness. When activated in the right way, there are few things that can accelerate your spiritual awakening faster than tapping into this divine force within you, which is why Tantric teachers have worshipped Kundalini as the Goddess incarnate within us.


How about having help from Goddess Energy for money and success? 

What's your story? In our monthly mebership, we'll explore Lakshmi as Dharma. Dharma is a loaded word with many meanings, from "foundation" to "responsibility" to "harmonious relationships" to "doing the right thing."  Dharma also means "path," and therefore it's about discovering our way, our life-path, and considering first of all how we relate to being in this world. Are we comfortable in our body? in our home?  What is our relationship with our self, with our loved ones, friends and family, co-workers, community, country, and the divine itself? How does Lakshmi inspire us to walk in balance and beauty?


Learn how spiritual and material abundance emerge from the same divine source Activate Your Abundant Month of prosperity and peace. 


--> learn spiritual steps to increase and stay aligned with divine prosperity consciousness


--> learn practical steps to increase the health of your relationships, finances, spiritual practices, and sweet enjoyment of life's journey


--> be guided in enjoyable, insightful contemplative exercises to discover what you really want to manifest in your life


--> receive sacred mantras for invoking Lakshmi

experience powerful guided meditations and visualizations of the goddess


--> experience how all four paths constitute one continuous whole


--> learn how to recognize and avoid self-sabotage


--> receive practical homework suggestions to keep you aligned with your greatest good

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