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About Karen:

 * I’m a master at manifesting and I teach simple strategies so that anyone can live their dream life.

 * I share how to apply the Laws of the Universe as a Success/Mindful Coach.

  * I combine Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology to get amazing results in all areas of your life.

  I am a Non-Profit Business Leader, Founder of Eco Angel Enterprises, 3-times best-selling author and online talk show host.

  * I’m also a Spiritual Medium, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Angel &Animal Communicator, Certified Akashic Records Reader, NLP Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master.


Using these strategies I have gone from being a survivor of domestic abuse, homeless, and struggling with addictions to being happily married for 20 years and living my dream life!

My only desire now is to help others learn these simple techniques to transform their lives. I have helped many people and I enjoy teaching skills that have totally changed my life. Visit me www.globalkindnesstv.org 

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