Dear Ones,

Why do you insist on separation?  Find the connectedness within you.  It is there.  You have been sent the great teachers.  You have all the material you need to find the answers.  How much plainer can we make it for you?  If we give you the fish, then where is the lesson?  You will just stand there with your hands outstratched waiting for more to be given!  Go fishing!! Masters are abundant right now.  The rivers are full.  Gather the feast to feed the masses.  Leaders are emerging from all corners of your world.  Do you remember your childhood game of "follow the leader?"  Listen to the messages, and discern if it is resonating with you.  Do some "what if" thinking and discussions with your leaders.  In doing so, you become a leader.  Go feed the masses ~~ they are hungry.

Dear Ones,

We bring you joy greetings!  We are so excited that there is so much activity in your world today!  There are masters who are working together for the good of all.  Many of you have questions regarding the variety of messages given and the means we are doing this.  Trust me, dear ones, there are no mistakes!  Many are coming forth to teach at this time.  Many are hearing the messages in a clear way.  We will be revealing much at an accelearated rate.  Information will be downloaded, some of which you will not understand at first.  Many revelations will be made.  Now is the time to find your true self.  Now is the time to come together in true oneness!

Dear Ones,

Do you not realize the power that you have?  You make your movies of wars and you fight among yourselves over territories, over right and wrong, over discrimination.  For what end?  You mourn the loss of physical life as though that is the most sacred thing.  You can dress your human bodies in any manner, have any color skin, speak any language but none of that matters.  It is not about the physical yet somehow you think that it is.  You need to learn to look with new eyes.  You have used the term "new age" or enlightenment.  There is nothing new about this.  What is happening universally is rather an awakening to the truth.  The awake ones are seeing the essence, looking beyond the outer physical shell.  You are seeing reality instead of the characters in a play.

The following messages were channeled by Teri Miller from her collective guides, The Healers, beginning in 2014

Dear Ones,

It is imperative that you

know what is transpiring.

This is no game to be taken

lightly.  Many are saying

this is what they want but

then go about their lives as 

they always have.  In other

words, they want to wait for the "playoffs" to give it their best effort.  Do you not see that every day is crucial, that it is a continuum?  You say "one day" I'll do this like it is a future event.  Look inside.  See what time it really is.  You like your means of measuring things, your birthdays, holidays and all that.  Look inside.  do the necessary meditation to discover who you really are.  Every answer is there.  Every truth has already been revealed.  We cannot stress enough the importance of seeking.  Do you not want to know?  Are you still holding onto old beliefs?  Are you letting fear hold you back?  What is to be afraid of?  When you do the meditation, do you feel fearful or do you feel the love overflowing in your heart?  Know your truth.  Trust your journey.  You have the power to be or do anything you want.  You are in control of your life.  Do you choose to waste it on frivolous things?  Every one of your earth days that you spend unaware of the truth is a wasted day.  The joy of the universe is truly there for you but you have to want it.  Act like you want it!  Do that which you know to do, which you are drawn to do.  You have free will.  Nothing is forced upon you.  It truly is your choice to continue to live in your dream world or to find the reality.

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